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  • 3 inch rotor
  • 4.5 inch rotor
  • 6 inch rotor
  • 9 inch rotor
  • 12 inch Shaft
  • Empty Case

Different size rotors are made for your connivence to fit the filters you own. 

Each rotor comes with a Rotor Disc Guard to ensure that you will never touch the inside of your air filter and damage the rotor or your air filter. Just one more way the Filter Blaster has been designed to never damage your air filters.

Please note, a regular Filter Blaster automatically comes with a 6 inch rotor and case.

A Filter Blaster Kit will come with the Filter Blaster 3 inch, 4.5 inch, 6 inch rotors and a case.

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Filter Blaster Additional Rotors and other Accessories

  • Product Code: Rotors
  • $49.00

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