We started using Multi-Seal Tire Sealant in April 2015. We have installed Multi-Seal in all our Mowers, front tires of our Tractors, and our Utility Vehicles. In our mowers, the biggest issue for us is DOWNTIME. Since April, we have eliminated 90-95% or our downtime caused by flat tires.

We will continue to use this product because it is the only product we’ve ever used that actually works! It has paid for itself in downtime savings alone. Now, anytime we get in a new piece of equipment, we immediately install Multi-Seal in all the tires.

I am very pleased with the performance of this product. 

Terry Kirkland
Grounds Superintendent

Prior to installing Multi-Seal in the tires of our hay trailers, we experienced problems with low tire pressure. We began using Multi-Seal Heavy Duty in August 2015, and we have not had the delays and expense caused by having to fix flats every time we needed to use the trailers. We are very satisfied with Multi-Seal and would highly recommend its use.

Scott Keeling
Keeling Cattle Feeders

Our agricultural based company operates a fleet of ensilage hauling tractor trailers, and we were experiencing severe disruptions caused by having flat tires. Since installing Multi-Seal in the semi-trailer tires, we were able to get through the entire harvest and ensilage season with a minimum of tire problems. In one instance, a semi-trailer tire needed to be replaced because of tread wear. When that tire was removed, an inspection showed over 30 punctures had been sealed by Multi-Seal and the tire was still holding pressure. In another instance, a new tire was put on without installing Multi-Seal because of time constraints. On the first day we experienced a flat, and then Multi-Seal was installed with no further problems. One of our truck drivers checked to see if there were any nails or other objects in his tires, and if so, he would pull the object out, drive a few feet, and then check to see if the puncture had sealed. Each time, the puncture had been instantly sealed. What a relief to not have to be concerned about having to deal with a flat tire every morning! I highly recommend installing Multi-Seal in all equipment tires, including 18-wheelers, 4-wheelers, tractors, implements, and riding mowers, and I plan to put Multi-Seal into every new tire before using them.

Jeremy Paetzold
Farming & Harvesting

"Our spreaders don't have nearly as many flats.  We used to have 2-3 flats a week, now only about once a month.  Not as many blowouts either."

Roger McCracken

No flats on cotton module haulers, telehandler or loader

Darty Gin -Randy Pernell

"More than satisfied!  You're gonna run yourself out of business because we don't have flat tires anymore"  - Steve Riley, Shackleford County Commissioner

"We had a problem in our ditcher tire, but after installing MULTI SEAL it's still holding air.  Also our fork lift had a problem tire, and after installing MULTI SEAL, it's still holding too.  We don't have as much downtime and lost revenue just because we're trying to get flats fixed.  - Wayne Winget, Winget Pump

"We use MULTI SEAL for our skid loader, golf carts and wheelbarrows.  So far we love it!.  We had been having a lot of problems with leaks around the bead, but MULTI SEAL seems to be taking care of the problems."  -  John Jordan, High Plains Dairy

"We have MULTI SEAL in our skid loaders, lawn mowers, yard trailers, motor graders and tractors.  Excellent!  The best stuff we've come across."  - Jesse Sanders, Agri Empresa

"We have been using MULTI SEAL in our 1-ton pickups and line trucks.  I don't get calls at 4pm anymore saying "we have a flat".  Sometimes because of where our trucks have to travel, the service call can range anywhere from $100 to $500.  And the ruined tire is another $400 to $700.  We really like MULTI SEAL!  - Matthew Weisensel, Strong Electric

"We don't have many flats anymore with the Module Haulers since we started using MULTI SEAL" - Milton Miller, Maple Coop Gin

"We use MULTI SEAL in our Litter Trucks.  Because these trucks are always running on the shoulder of the road, all sorts of ugly stuff is out there, including mesquite.  We also use MULTI SEAL in our mowing tractors.  Our flat tires are greatly reduced since we started using MULTI SEAL. - Bill, Department of Transportation


"I've been using the Filter Blaster for about a month.  Before Filter Blaster, I was using an air wand.  I was always scared I would blow a hole.  But filters are expensive, so I tried cleaning them.  No choice but to try.  Now that I'm using the Filter Blaster, my filters are cleaner.  Now I don't have to worry about holes because the volume of air is not concentrated to one spot.  Now, it's not such a nasty process to blow out the filter.  I find that I"m willing to blow the filter out more times and not have to replace filters so often.  When my combine is shelling corn, it's about the worst dirt that affect it.  The Filter Blaster does a really good job.  I really like it!  - Joe Tabor, Tabor Harvesting

"Before I had Air Filter Blaster, I would have to replace my filters more often.  Since Air Filter Blaster, I have been able to reuse my filters and have saved loads of money."  - Walter McCoy, Farmer

"I have tried using other filter cleaners in the past, but they either did a horrible job or put holes in my filters.  Air Filter Blaster is by far the best product I have ever used for cleaning filters and is the only product I would recommend."  - Mike Peterson, Mechanic

"Since I started using Air Filter Blaster, I have saved my clients money on filter replacements.  My clients have also said they have saved on the amount of fuel they use.  I have recommended this to everyone I know."  - Allan Miller, Shop Owner



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