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MULTI SEAL® Extreme Performance Tire Sealant.
>Serious Puncture Protection
>High Performance Tire Sealant
>For Off-Road or On-Road Use





  • Prevent up to 95% of flat tires
  • Instantly seals very large punctures up to 3/4"
  • Strong Synthetic fibers including Kevlar® and other special components
  • One treatment lasts the life of the tire.
  • Extends tire life by 20%
  • No glue or adhesives and no latex
  • Water washable.  Environmentally friendly.
  • Easy installation
  • Seals air leaks including, bead leaks, slow leaks, large and small punctures, which helps to prevent blowouts 
  • Made in USA.   Made in Texas.  Since 1981.
  • Blended specifically for industrial and heavy duty use.
  • Now also available for personal use.
  • MULTI SEAL is the world leader in superior tire sealant technology.


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PRO HD 2500™ (Industrial Heavy Duty Formula)



  • Seals Punctures up to 3/4 inch in the tread area
  • Use in Large Construction Equipment, Agricultrual Equipment, Trucking and Hauling.  Trailers.  ATV's or UTV's.  Golf Carts.  Lawn Equipment.
  • Available in 1, 5, 30, 55, or 275 Gallon Quantities

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ARMOR 3500 (industrial super heavy duty formula)


  • For Extra Hazardous Environments (off-road only) (In tires 18-ply or tougher)


  • Seals Punctures up to 1 ¼ inch in the tread area


  • Use in Articulated Loaders, Road Graders, Logging Equipment, Military Equipment
  • Available in 5, 30, 55, or 275 Gallon Quantities

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HYDRO 1500 (Industrial for Ballast-Filled Tires Only)


  • For Liquid Filled Tires only.  Use with Calcium Chloride, Water, Alcohol, Beet Juice, etc. 
  • Seals punctures up to 1/2 inch in the tread area
  • Use in Tractors, Loaders, Cranes, Reach Forklifts
  • Application rate is 1 part HYDRO 15OO to 10 parts liquid
  • Available in 5, 30, 55, or 275 Gallon Quantities

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Seals up to 1/2 inch punctures in tread area

3 Formulas available in quart bottles with applicator included in the cap.


  • Lawn Mowers, Small Tractors, Wheelbarrows, Snow Blower & More

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  • Travel Trailers, Boat Trailers, Horse Trailers, Toy Haulers, Cargo Trailers, Utility Trailers & More

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  • ATVs, UTVs, Side-by-side, Golf Carts, Dirt Bikes, Off-Road-Only Jeeps & More

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How does MULTI SEAL® Tire Sealant work?

MULTI SEAL Tire Sealant is a high-tech system of fibers and "fillers" in a carefully designed liquid suspension.  When you install MULTI SEAL® into your tire it will be protected 24/7. When a puncture occurs, the escaping air pushes MULTI SEAL® Tire Sealant into the hole.  Together, the fibers and fillers form a plug, which seals the leak with almost no air loss.  As the tire flexes under load, the fiber/filler mass compresses to form a dense plug.  The process will repeat itself for each additional puncture.


Quick Facts

  • Manufactured for tough environments to protect your tires from punctures and slow leaks.  
  • Seals up to 3/4 inch punctures.
  • 95% effective in tread punctures.
  • Contains synthetic fibers including DuPont KEVLAR fibers and other special components that are suspended in an environmentally friendly solution of propylene glycol and other components.
  • When a puncture occurs, these fibers and other components are forced into the puncture site, which instantly and permanently seals the puncture site.  It's like plugging the tire from the inside out.  
  • Never dries out.  One treatment good for the life of the tire.
  • Made with DuPont KEVLAR fibers and other synthetic fibers.
  • Not flammable.  
  • Won't freeze (-30F to +250F)
  • Won't rust the rim or damage the tire.
  • Water Washable. 
  • Dramatically reduces downtime.
  • Highway speed safe.  Will not cause balance problems when used as recommended.
  • Helps to prevent blowouts by maintaining proper air pressure.
  • Can be used in tubes with 65%-70% effectiveness.
  • Application rates vary by tire size.  Consult application chart.
  • Easy installation through the valve stem.
  • Great for Construction, Farming, ATV, Lawnmowers, 18-wheeler, 1-ton or larger pickups.
  • Install in clean tires before a puncture occurs.  Can be used to "fix" flats, but may not be as effective.  Cost savings are analyzed based on sealant installation as flat prevention.



MULTI SEAL® Tire Sealant instantly seals punctures twice as large as competitive products. The high-tech US-made tire sealant features super-strong synthetic fibers including KEVLAR® (not adhesives). It prevents flats and fixes slow leaks (including bead leaks) and helps to prevent blow-outs.  A single treatment lasts the life of your tire.

If flat tires are a source of frustration, MULTI SEAL® is your answer.  

  • 95% Effective 
  • Less Downtime
  • Instantly Seals Punctures
  • Super strong synthetic fibers (like bullet-proof vest fibers)

Simply install MULTI SEAL® Tire Sealant in your tires and enjoy 24/7 protection.  MULTI SEAL® Industrial Tire Sealants are used by some of the most demanding customers in the world, including but not limited to:

  • Military
  • Delivery fleets
  • Mining/quarry vehicles
  • Trucking fleets (18 wheelers)
  • Agriculture
  • Cotton module haulers
  • Heavy construction
  • Garbage trucks

MULTI SEAL® Industrial Tire Sealants have helped companies save millions of dollars in tire repairs/replacements, damage to wheels and equipment, fuel costs, insurance costs, service calls and employee/equipment downtime.  

MULTI SEAL® Tire Sealant prevents flats up to 95% of the time due to punctures in the tread area, plus fixes slow leaks. Tires normally lose air pressure over time, but MULTI SEAL® Tire Sealant seals all the areas where air loss normally occurs, including the valve stem, through the tire's natural porosity and along the bead. MULTI SEAL® Tire Sealant prevents most blowouts, prolongs tire life and improves fuel economy. 

MULTI SEAL® formulas are all environmentally friendly and water washable, the tire professional will not have any difficulty removing MULTI SEAL® from the tire if you ever need to have a tire repairIn the event that the tire needs to be repaired, the tire is repairable and re-treadable.

MULTI SEAL® Tire Sealant is not the same as other sealants. MULTI SEAL® is a glycol based product which uses synthetic fibers including KEVLAR® and other unique components. The lack of adhesive agents means MULTI SEAL® will not dry up.  

When a puncture occurs the components are pushed into the puncture site by the tire's air pressure which instantly and permanently seals the puncture. The repair is generally complete within about three revolutions of the tire. The product is completely water washable. It will not corrode the tire or the rim. When the tire is moving, the rotating action of the tire moves the product evenly throughout the tire.


If you work, or live in rugged environments where your tires are constantly exposed to jagged rocks, nails, screws, mesquite and other hazards, MULTI SEAL® is the answer for you! MULTI SEAL® is by far the best flat prevention product on the market today. It is scientifically formulated to virtually eliminate air loss due to punctures and slow leaks. It's the perfect solution for helping you save money on your tires and keeping your fleet running.

MULTI SEAL® is best used as flat PREVENTION rather than flat REPAIR. The application/dosage chart gives recommended treatment amounts of product per tire. MULTI SEAL® recommends pre-treating tires with the recommended amount of product.  



MULTI SEAL® Industrial Tire Sealants Products:






1.  MULTI SEAL PRO HD 2500™ (Red Bucket)

This is the most universal formula.  This works for Farming, Construction, On-Road and Off-Road Uses and more.

  • Instantly seals punctures from pinhole size all the way up to 3/4 inch. 






2.  MULTI SEAL ARMOR 3500™ (Green Bucket)  

This is only used in extremely rugged environments and in tires of at least 18 ply or more





  • For the ULTIMATE in tire protection. Initially designed for military use, effective in operations with unusually hazardous environments protecting from punctures OVER 1 INCH IN 18-PLY OR GREATER TIRES. Examples of uses include Landfills, Mines, Scrapyards and Demolition.





3.  MULTI SEAL HYDRO 1500™ (Blue Bucket)

Only for liquid filled / ballast-filled tires

  • Instantly seals punctures in liquid filled tires up to 1/2 inch.  
    Prevents up to 95%of job stopping flats. Is compatible with calcium chloride, anti-freeze or water filled tires. Prevents slow leaks in the bead and rim areas of the tire.


4.  MULTI SEAL® Tire Sealant with KEVLAR® (Consumer formula for ATV's, Mowers, RV's, etc.)

  •  Instantly seals punctures up to 1/2". 



SPORTSMAN - Engineered for Extreme Terrain. For use in ATV, UTV, Golf Cart, Dirt Bike, Scooter and Off-Road Jeep/Truck tires and More.

RV & TRAILER - Engineered to Keep You Safe. For use in RV, Travel Trailer, Cargo Trailer, Boat Trailer, Horse Trailer and Utility Trailer Tires and More.

OUTDOOR POWER EQUIPMENT - Engineered to Get the Job Done. For use in Riding Lawn Mower, Zero Turn Mower, Snow Blower, Wood Chipper and Wheelbarrow Tires and More.

MULTI SEAL® Tire Sealants are not recommended for Passenger Cars or Light Duty Trucks. These vehicles have Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) which not only make installation of the product difficult, but the product can also affect TPMS. Additionally, there is some chance that in passenger vehicles with tires designed more for comfort than for a rugged environment, these vehicles might experience balance issues. Larger vehicles, like semi-trucks or 1 ton trucks do not experience the same balance issues (when the product is installed into tires which are already properly balanced).

MULTI SEAL® will not invalidate the warranty on your tires because it does not affect the tire. There is no sticky residue left on the tires. It will not degrade the tire, nor will it cause issues with the rim.

**Long term field evaluations show extended tire life  and prevention of 95% of tire failures form punctures and under inflation.

MULTI SEAL® Frequently Asked Questions.


Does the MULTI SEAL® really work? 

Demonstrated over millions of miles driven by trucks and in various other uses in heavy machinery, tire maintenance costs are greatly reduced, as is loss of productive time caused by tire failure.

How large of a puncture will it seal?

MULTI SEAL® PRO HD 2500 formula routinely seals punctures to 3/4”. MULTI SEAL® Armor 3500 formulation seals punctures up to 1 ¼ inches in tires 18 ply or larger. 

Is it like “slime”? 

“Slime” is aN adhesive based product which might temporarily seal a leak. Unfortunately, it also dries out in the tire carcass and over time loses its effectiveness. MULTI SEAL®is a glycol based product which doesn’t harden inside the tire and is entirely water washable.

Will it freeze or is it flammable?

MULTI SEAL® can withstand temperatures to 30 below. It is not flammable either. The base product is propylene glycol (similar to anti-freeze), and contains no glues or adhesives. It is not flammable, and will not cause your tires to heat up. It is a completely inert product, and has corrosion protection for both the tire and the wheel.

How is MULTI SEAL® installed?

Typically MULTI SEAL® is pumped in through the valve stem after the valve stem core has been removed and the tire deflated. You may use either a pump on a gallon container, 5 gallon pail pump, or the injection cart which measures the correct amount per tire. Tires are then re-inflated.

Will MULTI SEAL® damage the tire or the rim? 

No! There is nothing in the product which will cause damage to the tire/wheel assembly.

Does MULTI SEAL® affect the balance of the tire? 

MULTI SEAL® is not recommended for use in passenger cars or light duty trucks/SUV’s. Properly dosed tires will have no imbalance issues.

Is MULTI SEAL® effective in sidewall punctures? 

Yes, sidewalls are more difficult to seal, but we see sidewall punctures up to ¼ inch sealed in MULTI SEAL® treated tires.

What makes MULTI SEAL® so effective? 

MULTI SEAL® is a glycol based product which uses synthetic fibers including Kevlar and other special components. MULTI SEAL® will stay liquid throughout the life of the tire. When a puncture occurs these components are pushed into the puncture site by tire pressure which instantly seal the puncture. It’s like plugging the tire from the inside out. 

Does MULTI SEAL® help prevent blowouts? 

Yes, most blowouts are caused by under inflated tires caused by unnoticed slow leaks. At highway speeds, these tires heat up, causing the blowout. MULTI SEAL® is very effective in stopping these slow leaks.

Can a tire with MULTI SEAL® be patched? 

Yes, because MULTI SEAL® is water washable, a puncture site can be cleaned, buffed and patched.

Will MULTI SEAL® prevent leaks around an embedded puncture? 

When a puncture occurs, the escaping air carries MULTI SEAL® to the hole. The fibers cling to the side of the puncture and form a “filter” which entraps the fillers. A plug is formed which seals the leak instantly with almost no air loss. As the tire flexes under load, the fiber/filler mass compresses to form a dense and permanent plug. The process is the same whether or not the penetrating object remains in the tire. The process will repeat itself for each additional puncture.

Can MULTI SEAL® be used in a tubed tire?

Yes it can be used, but the effectiveness reduces to 70%-75% rather than the 90%-95% in tubeless tires.

Will I be able to get an accurate pressure reading? 


Can MULTI SEAL® be installed in tires with pressure monitoring? 

NO! Because the location of the tire pressure monitor, in most cases, you will not be able to install MULTI SEAL® in those tires. If you try to install MULTI SEAL® in to those tires, you will more than likely clog the valve stem, and it will require some effort and headaches to unclog the valve. Most pick-ups 2009 and later are federally mandated to have a tire pressure monitoring system. Most passenger cars also have them. Therefore, we recommend use of MULTI SEAL® in farm equipment, construction equipment, trailers, semi-trucks, and off road equipment like 4-wheelers, golf carts, and riding lawnmowers. We do not recommend installation in any passenger car or light duty truck.

Can MULTI SEAL® be used to fix a flat?

It can be, but the most effective use is to prevent flats in the first place by having MULTI SEAL® installed in the tire before the puncture occurs.

Can MULTI SEAL® be used in liquid filled tires? 

MULTI SEAL® offers a product that is designed for use in water-filled tires. This special formulation is Hydro 1500. Ask your sales rep for more details.

What types of equipment can use MULTI SEAL® tire sealant? 

MULTI SEAL® is routinely used for flat prevention in vehicles ranging from wheelbarrows and bicycles to heavy earth moving and other construction and farming equipment.

How much MULTI SEAL® should be put into each tire? 

Dosage rates are based on tires sizes, so different tire sizes require different amounts. Application charts will show the recommended amount. More is not always better.

Can MULTI SEAL® be used to help balance tires? 

While MULTI SEAL® was not specifically engineered as a balancing fluid, we can report that many of our “over the road” customers report that MULTI SEAL® works great as a hydro-balancer in semi-truck tires.

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