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Jones Enterprises is proud to sell products that change people's lives for the better.

We're Making a Difference .... One Tire at a Time (MULTI SEAL®) and One Filter at a Time (Filter Blaster®).

"We keep you on the road"

Our customers routinely say THANK YOU for selling them products that help them.

Filter Blaster Air Filter Cleaning Tool is absolutely one of the most revolutionary products we've ever represented.  Our customer love it!  One of the big benefits of Filter Blaster is the outstanding customer service from the factory.  Filter Blaster customer service is second to none.  Seriously!

MULTI SEAL® Tire Sealants are so superior, they sell themselves!  When our customers purchase MULTI SEAL®, they quickly realize it is by far the best tire sealant they've ever used.  We get repeat business all the time because of satisfied customers.  BIG THANKS TO OUR CUSTOMERS!

Jones Enterprises is a family owned (father/daughter) authorized dealership of MULTI SEAL® and FILTER BLASTER® (along with a few other products.)  These two product lines are extremely great quality.  We are very thankful to be dealers for both.

Our Advice ... STOP THROWING AWAY $$$ doing things the way you've always done them.  There is a better way.  Go ahead and Get a Filter Blaster, and clean those filters better and faster, without damage.  Order MULTI SEAL and prevent 95% of flat tires and extend tire life by 20%!  

We look forward to helping you.  Please give us a call or text at 806-241-8380 if you have questions about the products.  Also, because many of our customers are tax exempt, you are welcome to call to order.  Thank you for visiting our website!  

We are looking for ag dealers for either FILTER BLASTER or MULTI SEAL.  If you are interested in becoming a dealer, please give me a call. Minimal order to get started.   All retail businesses will be considered.  

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See how MULTI SEAL® and AIR FILTER BLASTER® will keep you going.
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